Condensation on window and maintenance

Many customers have ask for advice on how to avoid condensation in the glass.

What we tell them first is that window condensation is a natural process in the lifespan of any window. It occurs when the surface temperature is lower than the humid air temperature inside the home. The moisture in the air changes into a liquid on contact with the cold window glass which results in condensation.

Reducing and eliminating condensation.

Placing heat sources near the window will cause the air temperature to be higher, resulting in an increased condensation resistance. Being conscious in giving curtains air pockets for ventilation will also aid in the limiting condensation.


Did you know that every manufacturer faces problems with the condensation of glass, costing the industry millions of dollars in repairs and services? Unfortunately, for companies coming and going everyday, warranties don’t mean anything. Our factory deals with the finest insulated glass units globally, adding a special design for the spacer and using only the strongest materials in preventing the breakdown of unit spacer; the sole reason behind condensation. If condensation appears in our windows not only will we replace the glass for free, but also provide you with a $50.00 cheque for the inconvenience.

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