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Custom Windows and Shape Windows by Windows and Doors Barrie

Special shaped windows (also referred to a custom window) add a unique design element to the exterior of your home. What makes special shape windows so unique is that they are all constructed by hand. The customization process requires great attention to detail and a high specialized construction process that differs slightly for each special window shape. Each bend, cut or angle must be executed to the highly accurate standards of the automatized assembly system. Trained workers take the construction process of special window shapes very seriously.

These skilled workers can create any type of shape or design by working within the framework of a few meters of vinyl material.

Special shaped windows are the best way to add a unique look and feel to your home.
Their customizable shape and hand made production process gives special shaped windows a distinct look amongst other vinyl windows. What’s even better is the grille options for custom shape windows match up perfectly to any other Infinity Windows and Doors products.

If you’re looking for custom replacement window options in the shape of a circle, trapezoid, half round, eyebrow, octagon or whatever else you can imagine Infinity Windows has you covered. For more information on special windows feel free to contact us for a more detailed suggestions on how to include custom windows in your home.

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